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Artbeat is an overview of the arts by Peter Entwisle which has appeared as a column in the Otago Daily Times on Mondays weekly until May 2009 and fortnightly thereafter. From its inception in August 2000 it has commented on things affecting all the arts, especially the visual and particularly in Dunedin, from the theoretical through the political to the practical. It is not a review although it sometimes reviews. Its audience is the general public but it assumes no topic is too rarefied to interest its readers. It is widely read both in the Otago Daily Timesí distribution area, New Zealandís lower South Island, and further afield. It contains much information not readily available elsewhere and is frequently cited. Its copyright belongs to the Otago Daily Times, http://www.otagodailytimes.co.nz.

NOTE:  The text reproduced here is the original copy supplied to the Otago Daily Times, and thus may differ slightly from the published version.


Columns from October 2006 onwards will be reproduced here and previous columns archived as time permits.



Date Numbers Topics
2004 222 Hocken moko lithographs
July 2006    
Aug 2006    
Sept 2006    
Oct 2006 315 - 318 Outsider art, Otago Festival of the Arts, Dunedin Public Library redevelopment, 19thC pictures of Otago Harbour.
Nov 2006 319 - 322 Le Breton Otago Harbour lithograph, positive changes in Dunedin art scene, South Dunedin library and Mayfair Theatre, Theomin photographs exhibited
Dec 2006 323 - 325 Landscape Paintings of New Zealand;  Dunedin Public Art Gallery: Julia Morison, Cream exhibition, Monet discovery
Jan 2007 326 - 329 Van Dyck etching; stolen artworks; William Tucker, moko, hei tiki; international art boom
Feb 2007 330 - 333 Dunedin City Council funding for art galleries, libraries; Dunedin's artistic past and future; Arrowtown cottages saved; Grace Joel's nudes
Mar - Apr 2007 334 - 342 Proposed Dunedin stadium; Proposed DCC project list; Picture making, digital photography, Ben Cauchi; What makes photography art?; Smilllie exhibition shocks; Hotere Garden Oputae; DPAG "Evoking the 18th Century" exhibition; Resale royalties.
May - June 2007 343 - 350 Art royalties, Leith flood protection; exhibition venues; Blair bequest; Blue Oyster gallery; DCC decisions re town hall, Otago Settlers Museum; Dn arts festivals; Dn theatres; Dn Public Art Gallery
July - Sept 2007 351 - 363 Fortune Theatre, Dn festivals, opera in Dn, Dn theatres, Milford art fire, NZSO programming, ORC building, Modernism, Regent Theatre, Chinese Garden; entry charges; Government funding for regional arts
July - Sept 2008 406 - 416 Town hall redevelopment option 13+; Dunedin museum administration and directorships; 'shooting the messenger' - Harrop St; arts festival, town hall fire regulations; fringe festival; DCC, HPT at loggerheads; museum directorship split; Mayfair theatre; Russell Moses, Wall St mistakes and local history; hard times, good art; Awatea St Stadium
Oct - Dec 2008 417 - 429 Town hall 'no atrium' option; Otago Festival of the Arts; the arts and the recession; political parties' arts policies; Alliance arts policy, HPT reorganisation; contemporary art; Anzac Ave; arts funding; urban design; theatre report, DPAG bequest; Ted McCoy, Princes St buildings; other Dunedin buildings.
Jan - Mar 2009 430 - 442 Found images; Ben Webb; ancient art in Dunedin; European art in Dunedin; Otago Museum's mummy; Otago stadium, Nihilism in NZ, theatre reports, Sydney Opera House; Des Smith; South Dunedin Methodist Church; Heritage awards, festival.
Apr - June 2009 443 - 450 DCC vision for the arts; modifying historic buildings; art market; heritage protection, Sth Dn Methodist Church, DPAG collections online; DCC theatre funding.
July - Dec 2009 451 - 464 Town hall glass cube; shifting or redeveloping library; museum troubles; Prista apartments and Princes St buildings; Hotere auction, international art market; art school funding cuts, facadism; Rodney Wilson report; CPO redevelopment; Dunedin theatres and Sammy's;da Vinci portait
Jan - June 2010 465 - Beloved exhibition, DPAG; modern art; Historic Places Trust reform;

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