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Port Daniel Press is pleased to announce the publication of Taka, a Vignette Life of William Tucker 1784-1817,  by Peter Entwisle.

 This ground-breaking book explores the life of New Zealand's first art dealer and finally solves the mystery of his death at Murdering Beach, Otago Heads, in December 1817. The illustrated paperback retails at NZ$40.00 + NZ$5.00 p&p inside New Zealand, or NZ$40.00 + NZ$20.00 p&p overseas. Payment by cheque or bankdraft payable to Port Daniel Press, 96 Cargill Stree, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand.

The book contains a picture and text never previously published.

Subject headings:

  • New Zealand history, early European.

  • Otago history.

  • Dunedin district history.

  • Sub-antarctic islands, history.

  • Sealing.

  • Maori history.

  • Trade in preserved Maori heads.

  • Trade in greenstone hei-tiki.

  • Maori/pakeha relations.

  • Maori/pakeha sexual relations.

  • Maori attitudes to sex.

  • Pakeha attitudes to sex.

  • Prostitution in the contact period.

  • Maori/pakeha conflict.

  • Pioneering in southern New Zealand.

  • Earliest stock-keeping in New Zealand.

  • Australian presence in pre-colonial New Zealand

 Click here to read an interview of the author, Peter Entwisle, which appeared in the Otago Daily Times, October 29, 2005.