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'Behold the Moon'

Behold the Moon: The European Occupation of the Dunedin District 1770-1848  by Peter Entwisle,  Port Daniel Press Dunedin, 1998.  Paperback, 195pp, index, 9 appendices, extensive bibliography,  12 b&w illustrations, 10 maps.     

Notices and reviews

'Early Otago', review by Lynette FowlerThe Southland Times, 13 February 1999 p.26.

'Careful Research of Otago's Early Days'review by Ron Tyrell, Otago Daily Times, 17 February 1999 p.24. 

'The Real Southern Men', notice by Charmian Smith, Otago Daily Times, 20 February 1999, p.69.

'The Forgotten War in Dunedin', review by Jean Garner in The Press, 10 April 1999.

NZ Historic Places,  review, 77, May 2000, p.47.

J. M. Sherrard Award in New Zealand local and regional history, 2002.


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