Artbeat is an overview of the arts by Peter Entwisle which has appeared as a column in the Otago Daily Times on Mondays weekly until May 2009 and fortnightly thereafter. From its inception in August 2000 it has commented on things affecting all the arts, especially the visual and particularly in Dunedin, from the theoretical through the political to the practical. It is not a review although it sometimes reviews. Its audience is the general public but it assumes no topic is too rarefied to interest its readers. It is widely read both in the Otago Daily Times’ distribution area, New Zealand’s lower South Island, and further afield. It contains much information not readily available elsewhere and is frequently cited. Its copyright belongs to the Otago Daily Times,

NOTE:  The text reproduced here is the original copy supplied to the Otago Daily Times, and thus may differ slightly from the published version.
Columns from October 2006 onwards will be reproduced here and previous columns archived as time permits.

 Date  Number  Topic  Headline
 Feb 8, 2010  467  Historic Places Trust reform  Historic Places changes questionable
 Jan 25, 2010
 466  Modern Art
 Yes, it's a urinal, but is it Art?
 Jan 11, 2010
 465  Beloved exhibition, Dunedin Public Art Gallery  Be bold, buy old and international
 Dec 28, 2009
 464  da Vinci find
 Hunch pays for dinner and lunch
 Dec 14, 2009
 463  Dunedin arts roundup, theatres
 One mid-sized Dunedin theatre fits the bill
 Nov 30, 2009
 462  Dunedin theatres
 Dunedin like living in a 19th century Russian novel
 Nov 16, 2009
 461  Dunedin former Central Post Office redevelopment
 Consider CPO from all sides
 Nov 02, 2009
 460  Rodney Wilson's report - Dunedin heritage
 Looking for Dunedin's future in the past
 Oct 19, 2009
 459  Is facadism acceptable?
 Dunedin's inheritance still being degraded
 Oct 05, 2009
 458  Art school funding cuts
 Alumni give lustre to art school
 Sep 21, 2009
 457  Hotere aution
 Hotere auction may be useful indicator
 Sep 07, 2009
 456  Prista apartments, Princes St buildings
 Buildings were expected to last
 Aug 24, 2009
 Otago Museum troubles
 Time for getting museums right
 Aug 10, 2009
 454  Library shift or redevelopment
 Relocating library merits a considered analysis
 Jul 27, 2009
 453  Town hall glass cube
 Modernists misrepresent charter
 Jul 13, 2009
 452  Town hall redevelopment - glass cube
 Revision gets closer to mark
 Jun 15, 2009
 450  NZ art schools, art gallery
 Jun 01, 2009
 449  McCoy's Cross, St Paul's Cathedral
 May 18, 2009
 448  DCC arts spending: theatres
 Mid-size theatre still issue
 May 04, 2009
 447  Sth Dn Methodist Chch, DPAG online
 Balancing present desires with claims of art and history
 Apr 27, 2009
 446  Heritage protection
 Heritage protection requires more effort
 Apr 20, 2009
 445  Art market
 Art market holds up, surprisingly
 Apr 13, 2009
 444  Modifying historic buildings
 Modernism not always best practice
 Apr 06, 2009
 443  DCC's vision for the aarts
 Council art strategy worth examining
 Mar 30, 2009
 442  Heritage awards, festival
 Mar 23, 2009
 441  South Dunedin Methodist Church  Iconoclasm thrives
 Mar 16, 2009
 440 Des Smith  A special friend of the art scene lost to Dunedin
 Mar 09, 2009
 439 Multi-purpose venues: Sydney Opera House  Cautionary tale to clear theatre confusion
 Mar 02, 2009
 438 Dunedin theatre reports  A particular kind of theatre
 Feb 23, 2009
 437  Nihilism in NZ art: Ben Webb  
 Feb 16, 2009
 436  Otago Stadium
 Feb 02, 2009
 434  Otago Museum's mummy  
 Jan 26, 2009
 433   Epoch of European art in Dunedin  Story of European art right here
 Jan 19, 2009
 432   Ancient art in Dunedin  Heritage collections offer unique chance to trace artistic traditions
 Jan 12, 2009
 431  Ben Webb  Exploring moral ambiguity
 Jan 05, 2009
 430  Found images  Appropriated imagery replayed evokes wider, personal memories