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Taka tells the dramatic story of William Tucker, a convict turned sealer and later art dealer who settled near the Otago Heads where he died in the surf in 1817, a not so innocent victim of Maori anger. The reason for his death, unknown to Europeans since it happened, is now revealed thanks to the 2003 discovery of a 150 year old manuscript which also sheds new light on other early encounters between Marori and Pakeha. The product of several years' research in New Zealand and overseas Taka lucidly explores one man's extraordinary evolution from dockside thief to Otago pioneer and trader in greenstone hei tiki.

Peter Entwisle has lived for many years in Dunedin and has worked as an art curator, writer and historian.

The book Taka is out of print, but can be browsed here online. If you wish to purchase a pdf of the book it is available for downloading from the secure link below. There is a charge of NZ$29.95 for the download, payable by credit card.